Theatre group TEMP

Theatre group Temp was founded in 1983 as associate to the Youth House – Vratsa. The participants in the group are at the age between 13 and 25 years old.
In the group’s repertoire there are works of Nedim Gursel, Tobor Dary, J.P. Sartr, A. D. Exupery, Dante Aligieri, Romen Gari, Andersen, folklore and biblical plots as well as performances on the music of Mick Jagger, Pink Floyd, Camelot, Epika.
TG TEMP in engaged in TV programs, show programs for children and adults, in organization of ceremonies and celebrations as well as in fire show attractions (fire poi), etc.
TG TEMP has played performances in the following countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Greece, Slovakia, Russia, Belgium, India, United Kingdom and Spain.
Since 1987 TG TEMP has been the organizer of International Youth Amateur Theatre Festival VREME bi-yearly. Since 2006 it is creator and organizer of annual International Youth Festival of Arts The priests of the muses in town of Tzarevo
Since 1994 TG TEMP is associated member of AITA/IATA (International association of the amateur theatre) and since 2007 it is the founder of BAAT (Bulgarian Association of The Amateur Theatres)
The founder and art director of the group is George Vrabtchev.

Contact details:
Theatre group TEMP
George Vrabchev
Youth House
Vratsa 3000
Bulgaria, Europe
Mobile: 00359898505262
Fax: 092 62 71 20