Youth House Vratsa is the first Youth House in Republic of Bulgaria; it was founded in the autumn of 1968.
During the years, Youth House has turned into youth space that is intended for development of the creative abilities of young people and for spreading of culture and valued intellectual life. There are ideal conditions for youth contacts and rest.
In 1990 it is differentiated as Municipal Youth House and since then it receives full financial support by Vratsa Municipality budget. Today, Municipal Youth House is initiator of unique and innovative practices that make it famous in the country and abroad.
The Youth House organizes and carries out the following:
* International Youth Theatre Festival VREME;
* National reading - competition on Botev and revival poetry and prose for amateurs. It is carried out in the frame of Botev days that are organized by Vratsa Municipality;
* Regional youth folklore gathering Drops from the spring;
* Rockalution – breakdance tournament with international participation;
* National competition in sport dances; Competition Rising Stars – for children couple in sports dancing;
* National meetings of the children’s and youth parliaments of Republic in Bulgaria; Annual awards for the amateur art An attempt to fly.
The activities of Youth House are consistent with the individual qualities, interests, creative abilities and the needs of young people – rehearsals and concerts; meeting with prominent authors; coffee-theaters, musical performances in various musical styles – visits of pop, rock and hip-hop artists; activities that popularize the national traditions and morality, tolerance and democratic ideas. The creative potential of the young people is developed in 16 different club and creative formations.
The Youth House participates actively in the development and implementation of the municipal course for work with the local youth community in the leisure time. It gives assistance in methodological, organizational and technical way to the carrying out of the different activities of Student Municipal Council, various non-government organizations and informal youth groups. It realizes joint actions with schools, cultural and other institutions that work for solution of the problems of the young people from the town and the region.
Other guidelines of the activity of Youth House are: affiliation of the young people to the values of the civil society, organization and carrying out of a number of youth forums, campaigns and initiatives, various courses and trainings that develop social skills of the young people. The volunteers associated to the Youth House realize their own ideas, motivate and activate the young people at the same age for beneficial to society activities.
The Youth House spreads knowledge and ideas about the European Union and works actively on different European programs.
In 2007, Youth Informational - Consulting Center (YICC) was opened at the Youth House. It gives profound information, consulting services, motivation courses and trainings that correspond to the real needs of the young people in accordance to their age, education, and sex, social status, professional, healthy, civil and cultural interests. YICC is financed by the State Agency for Youth and Sports.