Dance sport club Harizma

Dance sport club Harizma in Vratsa was founded on 11th of January, 1975 as associate to Youth House. This is the second dance sport club in the country and the first – to be out of the capital.
The founder and trainer of Vratsa club is Boika Dicheva.
The club is a full member of the Bulgarian Dance Sport Federation (BDSF), which is a member of IDSF (International Dance Sport Federation – amateurs).
The main activity of the club is the training of the dance sport competitors under established international program of standard and Latin dances.
Youth house, Vratsa and Dance sport club Harizma are organizers of national, town and regional competitions. They are also organizers of an International Competition in Dance Sport. The dancing couples from the Club has taken part in the dance sport competitions in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. Every year the Club organizes training camps for the couples. Some of them are lead by guest-trainers from Germany.
The participation of dancing couples in concerts in Vratsa and country-wide, in show programs, charity events and TV programs is fixed supporting activity of the Club as well.